Pirate 🏴‍☠️ themed learning

In Foundation Stage we are loving having stories about pirates, and this week you might notice Mermaid Lagoon, a jelly rockpool and a pirate ship – plenty of places for adventure!

We also found a treasure chest, and are writing down what we think is inside…we will find out on Friday! We are practising counting backwards and saying what number is one less.

Thank you for bringing in boxes last week – we have made them into treasure chests which you can see in our Junk Modelling Area – there is a photo below.



Welcome back to Early Years!

The classroom has been set up around our theme of ‘Superheroes!’

We’re looking forward to seeing the children mix and make potions, design and create their own outfits and create their own bases and dens!

We’ll be comparing sizes by building our own city of sky scrapers and make our own real life city!

An All Saints Nativity

This week the children have had their dress rehearsal, and are looking forward to the real thing on Wednesday and Thursday.  They have heard the story of Jesus’ birth from the Bible, and have had fun retelling it in their own words.

The children were very excited to strut their stuff in the dress rehearsal, clad in their fancy outfits. They particularly like the camel outfits! We can’t wait to enjoy their performances, and we highly recommend you bring tissues – although whether you are likely to cry from pride or laughter remains to be seen!

In the classroom we are still exploring winter wonderlands, and there is a strong science ‘flavour’ to our choosing our own learning times. There are glittery, coloured ice cubes in the water, carrots frozen in ice cubes that we are trying to melt, tyre-track making in ‘snow’ and the delights of air-drying salt-dough. The elf workshop has been very popular, and the children are very busy in there. Today one of the children was busy making lists for Santa, writing what everyone wanted, and she made sure the grown-ups put down their wishes, too!

Our story of the week is ‘The Christmas Carrot’, and in Maths we are recognising numbers, counting carefully (without losing track!) and writing numbers.

What a busy and exciting week!

A Chatsworth Nativity Story


We had a lovely time at Chatsworth, making Christmassy crafts that would have put Kirsty to shame; dressing up for a Nativity with REAL animals, and having a look around the farmyard – including cuddles with guinea-pigs!IMG_2355

We were all quite excited to have a coach ride, too.

The children were beautifully behaved and everyone enjoyed the day. Please take a look on our class pages for many, many photos of our exciting day!