Little Red Hen

This week the children will be exploring the story of The Little Red Hen.

We hope that the children will look after our šŸ¶ too!

Once Upon a Time…

The children have been so busy and engaged already, exploring the environment and enjoying being inside and out! They’ve been practising tidying away too. We’re so proud of the fantastic start they’ve made!

We’re so proud!

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In continuous provision this morning, we paused and looked around. We were so impressed by how busy all the children were, directing their own learning. How much they’ve changed during their time in Foundation Stage!

Some children were making a fabulous model in the deconstructed roleplay. For a while it was a house with a door, then a flying house, and then McDonalds! Other children were practising number formation, and there was a table crowded with children who were writing their own books, with great enthusiasm – something they have continued with all day. Everyone else was also busy, mixing paints, hammering their own geoboards, acting in the castle, and pouring water.

What amazing children you have. We hope you are as proud as we are.

White Post Farm

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We had a wonderful time at White Post Farm on Friday. The sun shone and we were busy the whole time…and still didn’t get to see everything!

The children were beautifully behaved and the staff complimented them on their great listening. The children themselves were really engaged and interested, particularly in feeding the animals. We could tell they were all really enjoying the day, but we had comments like, “This is the best day ever!” and “I LOVE this trip!”

We have more photos to upload, so please check again soon!

Building strong foundations

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In our FS classes, we do a lot of preparing foundations for learning and enjoyment in later years, and making sure children have a secure base of knowledge that they can build on in Year 1 and beyond.

This week we’ve got some real ‘building’ going on, too, as the children learn how to use hammer and nails safely. They’re practising independence, too, mixing and using their own paints – it’s a messy but learning-rich experience!