Welcome back 👋

Welcome back to our final term. Where has the year gone?

This term we’re starting off by exploring fairy tales. We’re looking forward to the children developing the language of fairy tales as they design and build 🏰


Building strong foundations

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In our FS classes, we do a lot of preparing foundations for learning and enjoyment in later years, and making sure children have a secure base of knowledge that they can build on in Year 1 and beyond.

This week we’ve got some real ‘building’ going on, too, as the children learn how to use hammer and nails safely. They’re practising independence, too, mixing and using their own paints – it’s a messy but learning-rich experience!

Pants Galore!

This week we are enjoying Pirates Love Underpants, so you might spot a lot of pants-related learning – even symmetry through pants design! We are loving our new pets. The children have chosen to call them Shark and Gummy! The children are busy collecting orders for the ice-cream parlour – apparently we can even have sprinkles and a flake. There are some wonderful salespeople in Foundation Stage!