Pants Galore!

This week we are enjoying Pirates Love Underpants, so you might spot a lot of pants-related learning – even symmetry through pants design! We are loving our new pets. The children have chosen to call them Shark and Gummy! The children are busy collecting orders for the ice-cream parlour – apparently we can even have sprinkles and a flake. There are some wonderful salespeople in Foundation Stage!


Pirate 🏴‍☠️ themed learning

In Foundation Stage we are loving having stories about pirates, and this week you might notice Mermaid Lagoon, a jelly rockpool and a pirate ship – plenty of places for adventure!

We also found a treasure chest, and are writing down what we think is inside…we will find out on Friday! We are practising counting backwards and saying what number is one less.

Thank you for bringing in boxes last week – we have made them into treasure chests which you can see in our Junk Modelling Area – there is a photo below.